Friday, July 17, 2009

Drama Competition : Before, During and After

Yay!!!!! SMKTC WON!!!! It was a complete fluke but at least we got second. SBS got first but i say that the results were bias..... Oh well..... SECOND PLACE!!!! Next stop the finals at VI on the 28th!


Ahh... The day before the competition. So blissful. So hilarious. So full of tension and pressure...... So we did what we do when we're tense. CAMWHORE!!!!!

The view from the top of the scaffolding. Nice.

Later, I went to do my hair. Look what I saw.

The lady was perming her hair!!


Some of the teams there were awesome. Let me categorize them.

The Perfect English Team
"Look there's your sign-nature"
"A few days later, Nazir was allested" (should have been arrested lol)
They were also soft. The only part that can be heard is: "Get out" and "I'm pretty ha!!" Then there was the 'boss', he sounded like a chicken. Lol.
Also there as a car crash scene. you could see the 'victim' umm...speaking then she fell down, people surrounded her, then the sound effect of a car crash almost a minute after she fell. Lol. Great play.

The trying too hard team
I didn't see them but the rest of the drama team filled me in.
Turns out the drama was a combination of Harry Potter, Heroes, Spiderman, Narnia and many others. Talk about trying too hard. Lame.....

The Lousy Buffalos
When we were eating, we saw a bunch of girls in black with red horns. We thought they were demons and they even have a brown doorway with a hanging golden orb. I thought it was a doorway into another world, Iven heard that it was a large mirror. so you could sense our excitement to watch it. Imagine our surprise when halfway we found out that the 'demons' were actually buffaloes and the 'mystical doorway' was just a door. Plain and simple. I was completely bored!!! They also used a lot of Malay words.

DAmn..... they were good..... *speechless*

Wow.... we didn't even notice the time. It was one act after another. Time just blew past. It was like over within a minute. Wow.......

Duh!!! What did you think we did. CAMWHORE!!!!

There were more pictures just not in my camera. Oh yeah, a lot of girls took pictures with Ben-Jie. Lol. Bye.


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