Saturday, July 11, 2009

Drama Blues

Yikes!! The drama competition is this Thursday!!! And the whole thing is not perfected yet' It's too long (more than 20 min), Props are not completed and I still cannot find a costume!!! *Sigh* Our last practice wasn't that awesome either........

On Friday, the drama gang was suppose to practice at 7.30. But as luck would have it, there was a seminar for club presidents, secretaries and treasurers going on at the hall at the same time...... Lucky huh? They even screwed with the time, first it was 1 hour, then 2 , then 3..... In the end, it ended at 11.30........ Oh well, other than that drama practice was a lot of fun.

I was up to my usual mischief. Taking pictures of people who are changing. No, I'm not that kind of pervert!!! Just having fun scaring them with the flash and hearing them scream (Grace was the best).... But I did get a few good pics.......

Who's shoes are those!???

On the left, an actual picture of Chern Wei smiling. Probably the first in many years.
On the right...*ahem* someone whose name has been withheld to prevent embarrassment, caught in the act. Lol

Xan joined us halfway. He had his driving test that day. Unlike moi(lol), he failed. Seems like he was holding the wheel at 6 instead at 10-2. That's the biggest mistake anyone can make!

Aww..... Poor emo boy

Wish us luck!!!


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