Monday, September 20, 2010

Exam Blues All Over Again, And It's Not Even The Finals!

Hello readers,

The reason I'm writing is cause I need a distraction from one of the worst torture man has ever invented

No, it's not Justin Bieber's appearence in CSI
(Though it ranks a close second.)

Once again, it's the exams. My Trial exam. I heard the SPM students are also sitting for theirs soon. Heck, misery loves company,


Day 1 is over, Thank You Lord, but that means there's still 4 fucking days of torture left...

Tomorrow is English so I can slack for a while but on Wednesday there's Psychology....... It would be a miracle if I even scrape a pass in that awful forsaken subject with all that gawdawful meaningless dribble, it makes me look forward to Maths, the last subject on Friday......

OH, what I would give for a break. I have a chocolate craving at the mo.

I need 1 000 000 ccs of chocolate. STAT!!

Did I mention that my exams start at 7 freakin' a.m.!!! Yeah, they do.... Apparently SAM students all over the world have to sit for the exam at the same time. So, while it's a comfortable 9.00am for those down under, we have to get up at the crack of dawn in order to beat the jam in order to arrive at the right time!!!!

I totally feel like Calvin now....
Oh, exams, you rob me my freedom, my leisure time and now you rob me of my beauty sleep.

I loathe thee, thou wimpled lily-livered malt-worm! Hence, horrible villain, I'll spurn thine eyes like balls before me; I'll unhair thy head, Thou shalt be whipp'd with wire, and stew'd'in brine, smarting in lingering pickle.

Yes, I truly believe I'm too smart for school.

Exams, you are killing me, my intelligence and my IQ.


HenkaMukyuuAries said...

SRSLY?! JUSTIN BEIBER THAT BABY'S GOING TO BE IN CSI?!?!?! *legasp* Please tell me you're not serious... OAO

Nikki said...

I am not joking! The episode already came out in US and he totally sucked!!!!

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