Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The biggest news this World Cup wasn't some foul done during the match, some player hitting another or even a certain blind referee. Nope! This year the biggest story was about an OCTOPUS! Paul the Octopus to be exact. He has successfully predicted all the german matches and the finals!!

The unique thing about this guy (or should it be octo) is the way he predicts. He is given 2 canisters with mussels inside each with opposing teams. The canister he chooses to eat from is his predicted winner

Personally I feel sorry for the mussels XD

I cried when he predicted this :'(

Even more when it came true \(T3T)/

With a heavy heart, Paul chose Spain. Making him the most hated cephalopod in Germany

Grilled Octo anyone?

Weird thing about this prediction was that it took him a while to eat the mussel. Guess he felt sorry for them too. And he completely ignored the Holland box !! I'm thinking he too was also surprised Holland made it through XD

(Don't hate me people, I'm just telling it as it is)

World Cup Champion 2010: SPAIN

Every single match he predicted came true!! There were many copycats including Mani the parrot from Singapore and Pauline the octopus from Netherlands. But they both predicted a Holland victory.

I want Paul so he can predict what will come out for MY finals :) But unfortunately, Paul is retired. Sigh.......

Finally, because i can, I'll post some Anti-twi pics :)

Now which book the worst series of vampire books ever written?

Good boy! :)

And also because I can, since we're on the subject of harry potter........

Tom Felton

I know you're loving this Esther


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