Friday, February 4, 2011

$$$$$$ Day

My Bro : When is the Reunion Dinner?
Me        : Yesterday.

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Or as I call it, Money Days!
It's the year of the rabbit and most places are cashing in on this particular animal.

Since bunnies are less scary than say snakes or dragons (wusses), Many advertising agencies are using the rabbits's image to promote things to children. But don't be fooled by the rabbit's long ears, pink nose and fluff; their bite can seriously HURT you!!

Chinese New Year is one of the hardest holidays. Not only am I leaving exactly 1 week after CNY, all the food and CNY cookies are threatening my bikini body. NOOOOO!!!!!! Siriusly, I cannot stop myself from munching all the goodies even after a huge dinner! Curse you cookies!!!

Why must you be so delicious! :(
PS: In the box, BROWNIES!!!
On an Unrelated note, I finished reading and re-reading Lost Hero. I think it's pretty stupid the I spend RM35 on a 2 day entertainment. I guess to save money I have to do one thing. KIDNAP THE PM AND FORCE HIM TO LOWER THE PRICE OF BOOKS!!!!!!! (For me at least)


{Song in My Head}
~Time For Miracles by Adam Lambert~
      "This aching heart ain't broken yet,
           Oh God I wish I could make you see;
                Cause I know this flame isn't dying,
                     So nothing can stop me from trying..."


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