Sunday, May 2, 2010

ƃolq uʍop ǝpısdn

I've learnt how to type upside down!!!!



Anyways, I havent been blogging for a long time. Just because college is so damn boring and I don't get to see my old friends like I used to :(

So what's new in my life, hmmm. Well, my mid-year exam is coming and I haven't started studying as usual. Somehow, even in college, I don't feel much urgency.

Oh yea!!! I went to this place "Pasta Zanmai". It's this jap restaurant serving pasta dishes. Yea, it sounds weird. I didn't like the thought either and a frend confirmed it either. So whhen I tasted the dishes the, the first thought in my mind was: "FUCK YOU (insert name of friend)!!!!!"

The food there was delicious. No pictures because I devoured it before I can remember. I had grilled jap beef with onsen egg and salmon pasta. MMMmmmm....... Then later washed it down with unagi pizza with an onsen egg on top......

The picture is actually chicken but I couldn't find the eel one....

Finally, I've just found out that a friend has started bloggerg. Yay!! Always nice to have a new kid on the block. I haven't checked it out yet cuz she so unkindly didn't tell me the url. But anyway, everyone join me to welcome the newest member of the blogging community..........Grace!!!

La vendetta è dolce


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