Saturday, January 16, 2010

Speaker/ School Counselor Gets Turned On

Yes, you read it right.

Today I attended a talk called "Transitioned into College life". The speaker was DR Adnan and he wasted no time to disguise his horny-ness. His first sentence was :"Please turn off your handphones and vibrators." I could have been the misinterpretation of my already dirty mind though.......

It was really interesting cause he kept springing in references, he would ask a student whether he/she was hetero or homo...... cool. He was like Horny Mr John on drugs!!!!! Awesome.........

Anyways my first week in college was really good. Made some new friends, got a locker (Finally!!!) and started studying......ZOMG!!!! I know!!!! The good thing is that it's all english so I can spend time reading and not get bored.

College is AWESOME!!!!!!


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