Wednesday, January 13, 2010

College life........For Now

Hey everyone!! I'm officially a college student!!!! Today was my first day in Taylor's College and I have to say............ I'm HUNGRY!!!! The place doesn't have a canteen!!!!!! The horror!!!! The canteen, so far as I can tell, is 3 vending machines (1 drink, 2 junk food) Gasp!!! I was walking around the entire school for something to eat cause I didn't have small change for the vending machines. I saw the word food court somewhere but never found it......... It seems only the worthy find a place to eat and I, with my growling stomach am niit worthy enough to gaze upon it......... WTF!!!??

And another thing, the college is freezing!!!!!! It seems they wanna prepare us for overseas studies by imitating the climate........ I need to shop for a sweater.

So anyway, orientation day was what you would expect. Talks, tour and ice breaker. Nothing shocking. There were I think 4 talks. The tour and ice breaker were the same thing. The student council organized a Amazing-Race-like scavenger hunt. Yeah. It was during that game where I saw the Food court sign. Gonna look for it again tomorrow. ;P

Overall, an interesting first day. Oh, and there'll be a newbies party at the end of the month. My second party. First party is the shopping cum celebration I'm hoping to organize next Saturday. The occasion is of course known to my friends or those with FB accounts. Anyone interested??? Mel, sorry but you're not invited.

P.S. Oh, and I saw a student that looked like Ace's older sister!!!! Same bobbed haircut, too small glasses and her height!!!!! Ace!!! I found your long lost twin!!!!!!


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