Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm 18

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the smartest person on Earth!! Uhmm who is this for again?? Oh RIGHT! ME!!!!
(And Happy belated Birthday to the idiotic Ben-Jie)

Yesterday was one of the best day ever!!!!! Sakae Sushi and Chillies on the SAME day!!!!

Looking back, my biggest regret of the day is that I didn't take pictures of the FOOD!!!! Nyah......

Esther and Ben loving their Miso Soup

Chern Wei looking at his phone....His plate's empty!!!! WTF!!!

My plate's NOT!! MUahahahahaha!!!

"Is the menu screen more attractive than ME????"

Mmmmm....Lemon Sorbert

Only remembered to take pictures of the food AFTER we ate......


Teaching Grace Chinese......

It's nice to have someone I know as our waiter, so much more fun to torture!!!!

B'day Cake

Yeah!!! I have prestige!!!!


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