Saturday, June 27, 2009

Too Many Things

Today is the most eventful day of my life. It seems like wherever I turn today something new or shocking happens.

Today is merentas taman aka cross day. The most shocking thing about today, all the teachers where wearing pink!!!


ME and Mel also had a picture taken with Mr John. BEN-JIE!!! I WANT THAT PICTURE!!! I'll upload it as soon as i get it. Mr John actually looks quite nice in pink. Lol. I bet a lot of the male teachers were so "happy". Lol.

As for the merentas taman, well, I did more walking than running. The girls started first and me, Mel, Ace and Shireen had to wait for sooooo loooong for the guys. Mel and Shireen eventually got bored and went ahead. I don't blame them. The boys caught up to us at CP5. Well, actually we had to wait there for them. Slow like hell. Chern Wei, Iven and Penguin. For the rest of the way, Iven was eating, first bread then chocolate bites. And he didn't even share!!! Selfish fucker. Also he and Ace were Karaoke-ing. Loudly. Especially Ace. Chern Wei looked like he was enjoying himself walking next to them.Lol.

After all that, me, Mel and Chern went to LM. Makan at McD. Me and Mel did our nails. Did window shopping. Blowjob, I mean Ben-Jie, arrived later. Did more window shopping then I left for home.

At home, while watching MTV, I found out Micheal Jackson was dead!!! OMG!!! Later, I also found the Farah Fawcett died!!! Double OMG!!!

Oh well. You can't live forever.


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