Tuesday, June 23, 2009

P for Perfection

Hello all. Today I have a grave announcement to make. As of next week, there will be an increase in accidents, road rage fights and you will see cars, well actually one car in particular, being pulled over by baboons in blue uniforms aka the police. Why?" I hear you ask. Well that's because next week, I'M GETTING MY DRIVER'S LICENCE!!! WOOHOO!!! OH YEAH!!!

*Calms down, stops dancing*

I'm not completely overjoyed though, cause for the next 2 years I have to be driving around with a hideous, disgusting red sticker with an equally disgusting white P.

Eww... But all is not lost. The P stands for either probation or percubaan, I don't know... But I have derived another word from that letter, it's P for Perfect. Yes all, I'm a perfect driver. Lol. I know you're rolling your eyes...

To celebrate my new licence to kill, oops, I mean driver's licence, my mum bought me a special treat. Durians!!!

Smells like Heaven, Tastes even Better.

All Gone!! Yummy!!


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