Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So Long

Haven't blogged since SPM ended. Been too busy. Packing for Hong Kong. Enquiring and registering for college next year. Final outing with Mel. I've been a busy girl.

Hong Kong was worse than I thought. The beds were not beds at all, merely raised platforms. Hongkies must have backs of steel. I had a tough time falling asleep. Particularly on the 3rd night when some idiot (Ben) smsed me at 2 in the morning!! Bugger.

Oh well, other than that, the holiday was good. Dimsum there was way more delicious. The weird thing about Hong Kong food is that no matter how much you eat, you'll always be hungry at the next hour. Hong Kong Disneyland and Oceanpark were boring. Genting is way better and scarier but the theater shows at both were fantastic and worth the money. I'll blog about it some other time.

Next year, I've decided to start my pre-u early. My term starts on January 13 so that means that I'll have 3 more weeks of holidays. Meh. It's OK. Better than wasting my time working. I'll be enrolled in Taylor's Univercity College in Sri Hartamas. After much deliberation, I have decided to do South Australian Matriculation (SAM). It's a 10 month program that is 50% based on field work and the rest is exams. Good for a lazy person like me.

And finally, Mel, it has been a fun 5 years hanging out with you. Our last trip was not in KLCC but in Times Square and Sungai Wang. I never got to say goodbye, never got to have one last hug. But I'm guessing I won't need to. You will be back next year and we will laugh, drink and hug like the retards we are, along with our retard friends. So instead of goodbye, I will say :" See you again."


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