Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Countdown To SPM: 8 Days To Go

SPM has reached 1 week mark (I know it's 1 week 1 day but I like rounding up. I'm not as nervous as I thought I would be. Instead I'm planning to watch a movie this Thursday. 2012 is coming out on that day... It'll be my last cinema outing before SPM (last cinema outing NOT movie). One of the main reasons I really want to watch 2012 it that a really cute child actor is in it. Lol. I like looking at boys before they get ugly. Another reason is the Adam Lambert is also singing the soundtrack. Though others who heard it said it wasn't fantastic I still wanna hear it. =w=

Oh, and I heard the special effects aren't bad either.

I've started studying. If you call reading two pages of Sejarah notes studying. For some reason everytime I attempt to read Form 5 Sejarah I will feel sleepy and would sleep for two hours. I just woke up 15 minutes ago. Still, all is not lost, now I have a well rested mind. :D

School these days are both useless and boring. The most exciting part was that during assembly, the nenek introduced a chameleon teacher. His shirt was the EXACT same colour of the background. At first I didn't know where to look, then I noticed the glasses and tie. And everyone started laughing.Since no teachers came to class, I could wander around school. Monday was the best. Iven made macaroni and Prego cheese sauce. Mmmmm........ Everything was polished clean, except the floor.........

Mel was sick of MIV on Monday. If you don't know what MIV means it's ok. It's a disease Sharmela coined when even Mel's nurse aunt couldn't diagnose her. Lol. Needless to say "someone" really missed her......

P.S. I notice that when reading blogs on my iPhone there are no Pop ups. Not even that warning on CW's blog. Fantastic......


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